Someday Find Me

Someday Find Me (Fourth Estate, 2012)

It’s a hot summer in the city and the nation is gripped by the disappearance of London student Fate Jones. But 25-year-old Fitz has a different blonde girl on his mind: his beloved girlfriend Saffy is slipping slowly back into the grasp of an eating disorder.

Struggling under the weight of her self-doubt and self-hatred, Saffy becomes increasingly lost and Fitz finds himself unable to help. As Saffy’s behaviour grows more dangerous, he does the only thing he can think of – he calls for help and she is taken away.

Petrified at the prospect of another stay in Happy Blossoms, a residential treatment centre, Saffy runs. In London, Fitz realises too late that he is the only one who can help her and sets off in a desperate bid to find her.

Meanwhile the media’s obsession with the search for Fate Jones intensifies. Her image is everywhere, her last days suddenly public property. But how much does anyone really know about the girl on the poster?

You can buy SOMEDAY FIND ME in all the usual places, but here‘s the Waterstones link.


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