I’m a writer of both adult and young adult fiction. Before I did that, I was in charge of Permissions at Faber, where I negotiated with people who wanted to put Plath on stamps or translate Eliot into Pirate (both of those were genuine requests).

I was born in Cambridgeshire and went to university in Liverpool and at the moment I live in London – until I find my perfect cottage by the sea.

Some things that I like are: rhubarb-flavoured everything; potato in all its forms; books, books and more books; a large and very cold glass of Chilean chardonnay; Harry Potter; gherkins; petrichor; Stephen King; Marvel; Buffy; pyjamas; motown; chocolate but especially in Easter egg form; running; jumpsuits; high heels; slipper socks; long, late night conversations about All Of The Important Things; cooking; takeaways; blue.

I also run and co-host a literary salon, Speakeasy, with dear Ian Ellard. You can find out more about that here.

I’m represented by Cathryn Summerhayes at Curtis Brown.

Come say hi on Twitter or Goodreads


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