Toxic (Hot Key, 2018)

‘Thanks for letting me tag along.’

‘Hey, anytime Novak. You’ve always been one of the boys.’

Hope has never been happier. She’s on her way to Crete, as honorary lad, with all her boy mates. One of them just happens to be Hope’s ex-boyfriend… but they’re still friends and Hope’s pretty confident it won’t be too awkward.

But one morning Hope is woken up on the beach by two strangers and she can’t remember anything about the previous night.

Where were Dev, Nate, Logan, JB, Zack? Shouldn’t friends look after each other?

As the recriminations fly and the meant-to-be-perfect holiday unravels, the group begin to look at each other with new eyes.

After all, who needs enemies when friends are this toxic…

Toxic is my third novel for young adults – available in all the usual places, including here.



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