Introducing… Close Your Eyes

So… I have a new book out this week. It hits shops on Thursday 23rd Feb and I am so excited (and terrified, as always) about it.

This is it:


Southfield High School is oh so normal, with its good teachers, its bad, and its cliques. But despite the cliques, there’s a particular group of friends who have known each other forever and know that they can rely on each other for anything.

There’s the twins: Aisha, rebellious, kind, and just a tiny bit worried about what the hell she’s going to do once this year is over, and Ash, smart, quiet and observant. Then there’s Remy, the loudmouth, and Gemma, who’s more interested in college boys and getting into the crap club in town. And then there’s Elise: the pretty one.

But at the start of Year 11, when the group befriend the new boy, Elijah, things start to change. Until one Tuesday, when the students are trapped inside the school building. And one of them has a gun.

Close Your Eyes is the story of a school shooting which, through interviews, messages and questionable actions, asks: Who is truly responsible?

People are already saying some really nice things about it here, here, here, here and here (that last one might be my favourite review I’ve ever had, and the first one made me cry proper, real life, happy happy happy tears). And I’d love to hear what you think too…

You can buy Close Your Eyes here, or request it on NetGalley here. And for a couple of days, there’s also this giveaway running on Goodreads, if you’re in the UK – give it a whirl! I’ll give some copies away on Twitter in the next couple of weeks too, so keep an eye out: @niccicloke.


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